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Personal Goal – Managing Emotions – Update #2

Hey! Scott! Over here! How are ya doin with those goal thingys?

Hey! I’m glad you asked.  Just have a seat, a cup of joe (depending on what time it is..hmm..another post just hit me..) and let me tell you how I’ve been handling my emotions this week.  

I’ve been handling them like a stick of dynamite. Thanks for stopping in and asking.  Check back next week fo….

“Whoa!! Yeah, nice try buddy.  That ain’t gonna work.”

*sigh* O, awright.

I’ve actually had a very good week.  Both Monday and, were fine.  No big time blow ups that I can remember. 

Prayer Life

My prayer life is improving.  Before my feet hit the floor I have to say, “Whew! God! I’m an alcoholic and man, I thank you so much for not letting me drink yesterday.  Help me not drink today.  Use me any way you see fit (dangerous I know (I don’t tell him that part..I just think it (like he can’t hear you dummy. what an idiot.” (HEY! YOU THERE! GET OUTTA MY THOUGHTS!)))).  Oh, and thanks for letting me wake up again.  I really enjoy that part of my day.”  I think God gets a kick out of that.  He has a sense of humor you know.  But that’s for another day.


I’ve been trying to stop at some point during the day and just close my eyes and meditate while I’m at work.  Examine my breathing, what’s going on in my head, you know, just make sure everything is in check.  Checking my pressure valves and just doing a steady release if needed.  If something was really starting to get to me, I’d stop and for 10 seconds just think about if it’s gonna matter tomorrow.  Most of the time it didn’t, but that stopping helped ease it a bit even if it did seem like it would matter.

And just yesterday I put into practice another tradition that I picked up from Motivate Thyself – Taking Time To Breathe In Life.  Taking 5 minutes (precious time to most of us nowadays) to just stop, look and listen and see what I’ve been missing, being so busy these days.  I’ll spare repeating it and give the glory where it needs to be. Check it out sometime, just come back here when your done. 

Stress Related Articles

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Yep, done at too.  This really really is quite possibly still the most exhilarating, freeing, fun thing I have done…ever!  

Took time at the end of the day to think about triggers

This I did, but not so much at the end of the day.  Trying to catch them before they become major issues.  Been doing a pretty good job at that, if I do say so myself.  Although, there was a small issue yesterday but it only lasted briefly and didn’t ruin my day.  I’ll not go into that here.  Just keeping myself honest.


You tell me?  Have you any growth?  I’m curious really.  I hope that you’ve set yourself some goals by now as well.  If you haven’t, why not?


Let me help you help yourself! <—-keep it or drop it? opinions. you ain’t gonna hurt me none whichever .



2 Responses

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog, Scott and for your great comments on my posts.

    My prayer life is an on again off again thing. Most of the time my praying is something my wife and I do before we go to bed. But it’s during the day that I wish I talked to God more (something I need to work on).

    Thanks for sharing your week and being honest about your struggles as well as your victories. Eric.

  2. Eric – Not a problem. You have a wealth of information over there. Lots of help for me and others.

    That’s a very good Goal to have in my opinion. I sure couldn’t get through a day with out having him around to talk to. I’ll go ahead and say it, when I stopped to listen to God one day, My prayer life completely changed. It’s great.

    Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll see ya around.

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