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We stare at weblogs, what do cats stare at?

Kiki Catching Up

Kiki Catching Up

Ok Scott, what are you doing?“, I hear you say.  Please, just bear with me.  

There really isn’t much of a point to this post.  It’s just a goofy thought that I have just about every morning at the same time it seems.  Let me draw you a picture if I may try.

It’s 5:30am and I’m just starting my day.  Out of bed, prayers are said. The first thing that is on my list when my feet hit the floor? Coffee.  Gotta make some coffee.  

I stroll from the bedroom, still half to a quarter asleep.  Leisure stroll.  Yawning all the way down the hall to the kitchen where I complete my first goal of the morning.  I get the coffee started.  (side note: I have a timer on my coffee maker.  Don’t ask me why I don’t use it.  I have no idea.  The only thing I can come up with is that would make too much sense, and that’s just not me.)  So, there.  Coffee is perking, the smell is filling the air (Another side note: Fresh coffee smells like a skunk.  “What?!?”, you say.  I know.  Crazy huh? I’m serious though.  Make some coffee and just take some extra time to notice the aroma.  Then, the next time you smell a skunk on the road, tell me it don’t smell like fresh brewing coffee.  Gross. I know.) waking me up.  

I check the cat food and water bowls.  I’m lazy.  I’ve got those food and water bowls that you can fill up once a week and as the contents in the bottom of the bowl go down, they refill from the top.  So, all good there.  But Kiki (the younger cat) seems to think I should do something with them anyway cause she looks right at me, right at the bowls, and just let’s out the most horrible/cute “meow meow meows.” I’ve learned that I can kind of kick the water bowl and make it make that “Glurp Glurp” noise, and she’s OK with that.  That’s settled.  Now the fun begins.

It’s 5:40 and I turn my monitor on and fire up FeedDemon and watch the screen intently as each folder and article update.  The number of new entries goes up and up and I get giddy with excitement.  Wonder what cool stuff I’m gonna read about this morning…..(beeep….beeeep……beeeep).  Ah, the coffees done. 

Chloe (the other cat, I have 2) is still half asleep in the chair.  She watches me each morning go through my routine.  Just kinda sitting there following me with her eyes and I can hear her say “Hey, buddy! I’m not done sleeping yet.  If you’d sit down I’d go to slee….ohh..whaa..hang…I , gotta wash this spot….on my paw, right,….there…..if you’d sit down I could *yawn* go back to sleep.”  She is not a morning cat.  

I get up and fetch some coffee and a Diet Coke no doubt, and head back to the computer.

Kiki..she’s up. She’s wondering around the living room.  Looking for something to knock under the couch or the TV so that she can try to get it back out.  I pass by her on my way back form the kitchen and she stops, looks up at me and says “WHAT!?!”. I leave her to her fun.  

I’m back at the computer now.  Coffee on my right, Diet Coke on my left, hand on the mouse, eyes fixed intently on the screen, and I click my first feed under my Writing folder…I’ll not bore you with much more detail here..

When I get up and fetch my second cup of coffee, I’ve started to notice that Kiki is no longer in the living room. She is always at the back door, staring at something.  Just sits there.  She sees me pass through and only acknowledges me by turning her head as if to say “Just…alone”, and turns once again to stare out the back door.  

She sits there, in that same spot the whole time I am catching up on my blogs.  I can only assume then that to her, we are no different.  All she sees is me, sitting in one spot, for who knows how long, doing only one thing.  Staring out this window.  

So, this question hit me the other day, and every morning now as I pass her by, I chuckle as it goes through my mind:

I wonder if Kiki looks forward to getting up and looking at her Catalogs as much as I do my Weblogs.  She must.  Silly cat. It took me forever to capture the picture at the top of this post.  Yep, that’s Kiki, catching up on her catalogs.  And having a good time doing it, it seems.  (Don’t look at the other junk in the picture, you)





7 Responses

  1. It is better than what my Puggle does at my mom’s house when I am house sitting. She sits on the steps in the family room where she can see herself in the glass on the back door and barks at her reflection until I pull the blinds down. This has been going on for 2 years now you would think she would get the hint that the doggy in the window is not going anywhere or going to come play with her.

  2. I’m convinced that cats can see fairies. Sure, this was started with my dad telling me that as a child, probably to stir up my already overactive imagination, but come on. Haven’t you ever seen a cat chase something that isn’t there?

    On another note, your morning routine sounds a lot like mine…

  3. sunnymom – 2 words. Dog Whisperer 🙂 JK. I never had the patience for dogs, before I was divorced we did have a Jack Russell Terrorist. She was cute, but man what a spazz. It was like having a 3 year old, all the time. She was sweet though, and I do miss her at times. Thanks for coming by!

    @Kool Aid – Fairies, hmm. Quite possibly. It does makes sense and they would be outside at the same time every morning I suppose. I always assumed that when the cats took off from one room to the other unexpectedly that they thought they left the curling iron on or something? But I digress. My cats are always chasing nothings. I’m gonna go with fairies then, just so I know. Thanks to you as well for stopping bye! BTW Saw your post over at Writer Dads, great post. Sounds a lot like myself. But man, i’m totally confused now after reading some of those, but I’m learning. I’m not going anywhere. I must say though, I’m a bit scared to leave another comment there. Oh well. Again, Thanks!

  4. Hey, don’t be scared over there. WD has a lot of regulars and they have no problems with sharing their opinions – but along with that, there is a TON of respect between commenters, too. If you want a real eye-full of how comments have gone on his posts, go back a few to one called “stop” and then the next one, “I said stop.” Now THOSE are some comments!

    I’m sure he wouldn’t want you to be scared to come back.

  5. Hey Kool Aid! – (i bet you get that a lot, sorry) I posted another reply over there. We will find out soon I suppose. I will check out those other posts tonight. Thanks again!

  6. Actually, I haven’t had someone yell “hey Kool Aid!” since college, thanks for the flashback 🙂

  7. My cats are looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. Maybe it’s the laughing out loud that got to them. 🙂 No prob on the flashback.

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