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Vents Must Be Broke

Excitement is building.  I hope it’s not a phase.  I hope that it is progress.  This idea of managing stress and being able to halt it in it’s tracks, it might just be leaning towards not just an idea, but a reality.  I have hopes…

It’s a Thursday, and over the last several weeks, Thursdays have been known to me as “ventful” days.  It’s been the days when the pressures of life have exceeded their maximum capacity, and the vents in my mind open, flooding me and those around me with with thoughts of, anger, anxiety, hurt pride, vengeful, fear, hatred, uselessness, pretty much every evil thing that one could imagine spews from the pores of my skin.  It has gotten so bad that I do not want, nor possibly need, to be at work or around anyone that might be close to me.  It’s a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde kind of day.  Usually, at the end of it I can’t recall what I’ve said, done, or thought.  It’s as if I wake up in front of this computer and go “Huh?”.  Even though I’ve been aware of the dangers that are possible on these Thursdays, they still had a way of exposing themselves.  Not so much creeping, more like jumping right out without warning.

Not today.  Could be quite possible the best Thursday I have had in a very long time.  As I write I recall pretty much everything that I’ve done today.  Not a bit of anger or rage that I can remember.  I’m not sure if it’s because I am more aware or what.  One thing that I did differently today was took a couple of extra breaks and just sat in my chair and meditated for about 5 minutes, repeating the serenity prayer.  I’m certain I lost no more time than if I had been venting today.  After those breaks life just mellowed out even more.  It’s was truly amazing to me.

I also recall, while driving to a clients office, telling myself that I feel good today, I smiled, tapped my toes, and  this feeling of joy passed over me.  It wasn’t until I felt that feeling that I realized what I had just done.  I talked myself into an even more comfortable mood.  

I used to think that doing those sort of things would be impossible.  Taking “time” in the middle of the morning to sit and do nothing, it’s not possible.  But it is.  Talking myself into a different mind set?  Only a select few folks have the mindset to do that.  Nope.  I dun it.  

The real test will be when I actually feel stress to see how well I handle that situation as well.  You know, I’m kinda looking forward to it I must say.  

You can do it too.  Take a moment, set an alarm to remind yourself even, to stop.  Relax.  Meditate on nothing.   Let the pressure out long before it has a chance to build.  Tell yourself that your happy.  I dare ya.  If you do it, and mean it, and feel it, you will be happier if only for a brief time.  “Well, what if I don’t smarty?” you say.  Well, you just need to do it again but remember, mean it and feel it.  

Let me know how it works out for you.   

What?  You’ve got more suggestions for me on this subject, for this site?  Really?  Share them please.

Let me help you help yourself!



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  1. good luck with your blogging. i know that it has helped me incredibly find sanity in this often topsy-turvy clean and sober world. i look forward to good things from you…

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by. I find a lot of sanity in this as well. Thanks again…

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