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Serenity Revealed

Yep, to some of ya, sorry.  This may not be your cup of tea.  For the rest of you, let me know what you think.  What is your personal thoughts on the serenity prayer?  Come to think about it, I think we could all use this popular prayer at any point in our lives to set our priorities, in good times and in bad.  


God Grant Me the Serenity

Serenity – the absence of mental stress or anxiety

I am struggling with reaching the point of serenity.  As I have spoken about in several articles, mental stress and anxiety are big issues with me at this point of my journey.  Without God in my life, it would never be possible for me to reach that point.  But knowing that God is on my side, I know that when I really need serenity, He is going to be the one who gives it to me.  Not President Bush, Obama, momma, daddy, Billy Bob down the street, no one but God.  I have even found that just taking the time to stop, ask God to grant me this serenity, achieves some level of serenity.  Even when I’m focusing on my breathing during meditation, just repeating this phrase with each breathe, brings forth serenity for me.  God give me the peace of mind….

To Accept the Things I Can Not Change;

Self-will runs riot comes to mind.  That phrase is tossed around the rooms a lot.  Alcoholics love to have control.  We are a selfish bunch.  We want what we want, no matter what it is, when we want it.  Unless we ask for peace of mind in accepting the things we can’t change, the score of a football game, a date with a girl who says no, the presidential debate coming on during our favorite TV show, those things among others, we just are not going to be able to do anything about.  So why worry about them.  Accept the fact that, yep, your not going to be able to watch your show this week.  Is it going to matter next week that you didn’t?

Courage to Change the Things I Can;

Courage – the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

Those things is life that we do have control over, but just don’t want to face them fo fear.  Telling ourselves that we are alcoholics, addicted to nicotine, love food way too much. Telling our friends and loved ones the same.  Not taking that next drink.  Not smoking that next cigarette.  Not eating that next piece of cake.  Not buying that boat because Johnny down the street has one.  All of these are struggles that people face. You’ve probably got your own.  Yep, it’s going to be painful to fix our struggles.  God can give you courage, if you’d ask.

And Wisdom to Know the Difference. 

Wisdom – scholarly knowledge or learning

See there’s that self-will run riot again.  Anyone addicted to anything knows that they can do anything.  Why do we think this?  Because we don’t have the wisdom to know anything different.  It’s ingrained in our minds that we know everything and can do anything.  When we are on the path to recovery (recovery being recovering from substance abuse, money abuse, food abuse, a death in the family) we have to think about what we can change during this current crisis and what we can not change, lest we fall right back on the path to destruction.


Comments?  Suggestions?  Agree? Disagree? 


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