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Alcoholic Sleeping Disorder – Reorder

Another of those misused words that the practicing alcoholic uses to describe what he/she is doing between the time they have finished their last drink for the evening, and getting up to start a new day.  Sleeping. I used the word daily.  Sure, my eyes were closed and I was in an unconscious state, but sleeping?  Not a chance.  Rejuvenating? Nope.  My body was very busy during this time, processing all the sugars, trying to filter the alcohol, and who knows what else was going on during this “down” time.  Probably didn’t even have time to do the normal healing routine that the body goes through during the sleep process.  The whole time, I thought it was “good” sleep.

As you can tell, the first thought on my mind this morning is my present sleeping patterns and how much better I feel today because of it, compared to a year ago.  The non-alcoholic may not get this article, but if your a practicing alcoholic or a recovering alcoholic, you will probably be able to add to this article.  If you are practicing, this should be just another reason for you to want to get your life back.


Ugh! I’m up.  Gotta go to the bathroom.  How much beer do I have left for tonight?  Oh my head.  I can’t see straight.  Where is that red eye relief, hope I’m not out.  How much did I drink last night?  Is it Friday? Shoot, no it’s Wednesday. I can’t start drinking any earlier.  How much beer do I have left in the fridge?  Wish my head would stop spinning.  And on and on and on.

That was my routine every morning.  Sounds like a blast doesn’t it.  


I woke up this morning, refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to start the day.  I wasn’t groggy.  My head wasn’t doing that spinning thing that it used to do.  It was busy thinking.  Not about getting that next drink, but about writing that next blog, how good it felt to wake up, and how great it is to be alive.  


I do have some “tools” that I am using now.  When I stopped drinking the first time, it was hard to fall asleep at night.  My body wasn’t used to it.  Waking up in cold sweats. Many nights I would just lay there for hours on end.  Trying my hardest to go to sleep.  

When I went to Cumberland Heights, they would give Melatonin to us at night to help us sleep, if we asked for it.  Even if your not an alcoholic, I recommend using this yourself.  It assists the body into the deep sleep that is needed for rebuilding itself.  I’ve had some very vivid dream while taking it.  Some folks even have some pretty rough nightmares I’ve heard.  I haven’t had that problem.  I think Melatonin is the main reason that I wake up on my own at 5:00am and feel as though I’ve slept for 10 hours regardless of what time I went to bed.  

I also meditate at night just before bed.  This takes some practice, but it really gets the body and mind in sync and both in a relaxed state to help me sleep.  The stresses of the day are gone after a meditation session allowing my mind to relax and focus on the positive.  If your curious and want to try it yourself, is an excellent place to start looking for information to get you started.  I highly recommend that you give it a shot. 

Thank you Lord for not letting me drink last night, and help me stay sober today.  Use me to help those who are having problems with alcohol.  Let me share my experience with them so that they too can open their eyes in the morning and feel blessed to be alive.  Use me to draw them closer to you and to see that without you, they can do nothing.  Again, thanks so much for this life free from alcohol.


Let me help you help yourself!




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