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This is my first quarter filling shoes that I never thought I would be able too, much less be good at, at all.  I was approached by a fellow brother and asked if I would mind teaching the college age class.  With only a little hesitation (and about a week to think and pray about it) it was decided that I would teach this class.  Never having taught, and “taking over” a group that no longer a group now that they were out of high school and the youth group, I must admit I was a little lot intimidated.  Yet at the same time I was excited.  It was my chance to “help many as many has helped you, (see post: Two Candles)”.  


So, I went into the planning stage. My head racing, full of wonderful ideas that I was gonna share with my class.  Life events to avoid, watch out for, and do.  I think I had about 3 weeks to get a plan together.  I had decided on taking the 12 steps from AA and re-working those so that the class and myself could learn together how to apply these steps to living a Christian life.  

Having never taught, or planned a taught, it was quite difficult for me to get the first lesson together, but I did it.  I felt comfortable with it.  I was able to google (I still think it’s funny that google has become an action verb) my subject and turns out, there is a lot of information out there.  I was able to use some of it, but they weren’t really going down the path I wanted.  At any rate, I had the topic and felt comfortable going into class.  Wasn’t even nervous (Should have been a danger sign!). 


During the first class, I mentioned that this was going to be the subject that we will cover.  And from the response I got, it sounded like a winner, which gave me a little more motivation to get it right and have fun with it.  

So the second class…here we go.  One second I was talking about sin, the next we were all living insane lives and can’t control it, (which is true I think, as sinners we sometimes commit the same sins over and over expecting a different outcome, but it never happens (but it didn’t come out that way at all) ), then they were insane and the world was insane, and I got a cat, and just tons of useless information (I Felt) was spewing from my lips.  “What about the paper? The outline?” you ask.  Yeah, I got the first sentence out, maybe.  


I actually didn’t do step 3.  I realized that the information in my skull was not coming out of my mouth or on paper the way I wanted it too.  I digressed the next 2 classes to talking about “things” that might be stressful to them during this time in their life. Opened up the floor for questions that they have about me and my former self.  And that may have went better than all the planning I had done.  


Not being able to get the information out of my head that I want, in any aspect of life whether that be this blog, my Sunday school class, work related issues, anything, is a problem that I am having at this point in my journey as an alcoholic.  I am not able to make the funnel from my head to the paper small enough for the information coming out to form and make sense.  Sometimes I read what I’ve written here and that doesn’t even make sense to me….AND I WROTE IT.  (No, you actually haven’t read any of “those” entries)  

This issue of information overload has been a problem for me since the day I stopped drinking.  It’s a good problem to have compared to drinking, but at times, not being able to spew the information out properly, is very stressful in and of itself.  I’m going to assume that this gets better with time as well.  

As always, I’m looking for comments and suggestions.  I’ve found this blog to be a release. While at work, just writing down thoughts seems to be a bit of release as well.  What other ways are you releasing some of the pressure from information overload?

Next weeks lesson – Goals!

Let me help you help yourself!



BTW-if this blog doesn’t make sense, just read it again 🙂

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